In the Media

Below are featured articles where I had the opportunity to provide my insight to the journalists. Please review these articles for additional tips and tools that you can incorporate into your life. 


Ways to Tell if You are Really Happy 

Mental health and Wellness experts weigh in on ways to monitor the level of happiness in your life.  Check out the interview to read my thoughts on why understanding your values can help improve your mood and ways your mood impacts your social connections, intimate relationships and work/life balance. I even discuss an exercise that I do with my clients to work towards self-acceptance

Women Who Struggle on Mothers Day

Despite the happy image the is broadcast throughout retail stores, Mother's Day is not a day of celebration for most women. Learn ways to cope with this day or how to support someone who struggles on Mother's Day. 

11 Subtle Signs You Need New Friends 

For the majority of individuals, we have a gut instinct that helps us to make difficult decisions. This can also be experienced as cognitive dissonance where what we want to do and what we are actually doing are not in sync. If the topic of this article sparked your interest, chances are that either you or someone you know is struggling in their friendships. Check out this article to see where you stand in your friendships. 

47 Little Ways to Keep Romance Alive