Week Four Challenge: Believe In Yourself

Identifying and Challenging Core Beliefs 

We are in Week Four of the Time for Change Challenge. If you have been consistent in taking time for yourself and attending to your needs these past weeks, you should begin to notice an increase in your level of awareness and increased comfort with making yourself a priority. If this is still a struggle, I would encourage you to be consistent with the time you set aside for yourself and be fully engaged in the process. Remember that throughout this Challenge, you have the opportunity to reach out to me through email to receive additional tips and feedback that fit your unique situation at no cost to you.

This week’s challenge focuses more on that conversation you have with yourself and your belief system. Similar to the Week 3 Challenge of evaluating if you are your worst enemy, this challenge takes a look at if you are working with yourself or against yourself. One of the best ways to evaluate this is by taking a look at your Core Beliefs.

What are Core Beliefs? Core beliefs are essentially your central operating system for processing the world around you. This includes the beliefs you hold about yourself, individuals and the world as a whole. In the previous weeks I discussed thinking styles and negative self-talk; both of these are influenced by your core beliefs. Since this is our internal operating system, it can be sometimes difficult to identify core beliefs without first having insight into how your thoughts impact your behavior.

Why is it so important? Your beliefs are the heart of how you operate. This means that when you are either on auto pilot or firing on all cylinders, your decision making defaults to how you believe the world to be. For example, if I believe people cannot be trusted and that the world is not a safe place then this will significantly impact how I see myself in the world and what actions I take. Often times we will recognize experiencing feelings of fear, guilt, shame, resentment or anger but uncertain as to why these feelings keep coming back. Identifying your core beliefs will help bring clarity to these emotions.


Week Four Challenge: Identify and Change Your Core Beliefs by completing the following sentences.

Currently I Believe:

 I am__________________.

People are  __________­­­___.

The world is ____________.

My New Beliefs are that:

I am__________________.

People are  __________­­­___.

The world is ____________.


1) What behaviors are maintaining this belief system?


2) What are two things I can do differently this week to change those behaviors?


Take the time for yourself to implement this challenge. We are creatures of habit so it takes repetition and consistency to create change. 

Have a Successful Week!


Please feel free to contact me for additional help with this week's Challenge. 

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