Time For Change Challenge

26 practical ways to meet your goals by the New Year.

This week marks the middle of the year.

We are halfway there, can you believe it! 2017 is halfway done or, for you glass half full people, it’s just begun. If you are like me, you may find yourself with a list of to-do’s but wondering where you can find the time to do them. Let me be the one to say that the concept of time is a fallacy. While we have a concreate way to measure it, the perception of time itself is subjective. For instance, New Year’s Resolutions come and go because of the time it takes to sustain change. The “New Year, New You” mindset fades as time passes.  I personally don’t make resolutions, instead, I use the end of the year to reflect on where I’m at currently and focus on where I want to go. I’m sure if you look at resolutions made in the past there is a general theme to what you are trying to achieve. This 26 week journey is more of a mid-year check in. The goal here is to help you create a lifestyle you desire with the time and the tools that you have.  

For the next 26 Weeks that are remaining in 2017, I will be sending out 1 tip each week that will help to create change in your life by

·        Promoting increased self-awareness

·        Structuring time to focus on your needs

·        Challenging unrealistic expectations

·        Decreasing self-defeating patterns and

·        Encouraging the healthy life style you deserve


Each tip comes with a Time for Change Challenge that will be your call to action. If 26 weeks sounds long, feels unreachable, or you question your time to commit, remember, you control your perception of time. Challenge any negative push back you feel within yourself and know that your well-being is worth your time.

To get started, your initial Time for Change Challenge is to put TIME in your schedule to implement the challenge. Every Tuesday, I will post the tip and challenge. Put a time, anytime that works for you, into your calendar- but DO put a time. If you don’t mark it down- this won’t work! Give yourself about 30 minutes each week at minimum. Sign up on my mailing list to have the Time for Change Challenge conveniently sent to your email.

I look forward to going on this journey with you!