Week 7 Learning From Pain

Pain is universal.

Regardless of what is impacting you the most right now, more than likely a similar feeling is being experience by another individual somewhere across the country. I say this to let you know that you are not alone in your struggle. In times of intense sadness, we tend to also experience feelings of isolation along with being completely overwhelmed with the chaos that is our emotions.

In an attempt to sort out the chaos you may find yourself asking a lot of questions that start with “Why”. This is normal response in trying to problem solve, however why questions may leave you feeling more confused as the majority of the time these are questions that YOU don’t have the answer to. Instead, ask yourself “What” questions. What can I do to address the pain right now? What do I feel is currently within my control?

Stress can exacerbate feelings that may have already been difficult for you to deal with on a “normal” day. Feelings of fear, grief/loss, helplessness, or inadequacy get multiplied by 100 in the wake of a new stressor.

Reflect upon your response so far to any pain that’s being experienced. What feelings were amplified? Was your response similar to how you’ve responded in the past to these feelings? What strengths do you recognize within yourself during intense times?

Sometimes it’s about asking yourself the RIGHT questions.

Pain is one of the most difficult responses to navigate throughbecause it wakes up a multitude of emotions. While it is triggered from a negative experience, there is usually value to be gained from the pain that you endure.

Have a successful week.